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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Just watched The Obama Deception on youtube.

My thoughts on the movie:
-the starting was a lot of fire and brimstone where the main dude acted like James Bond. All his rubbish of 'infiltrating the Marriott' and stuff. Yeah right, show me your Aston Martin! Some of the rhetoric used at the start is....just rhetoric. Meaningless accusations. You've gotta look past that. (Bless them, they're American)

-Once they get past their threats and shouting, they make some very provocative points. What about all the promises that the movie says Obama has gone back on? These are the points I've gathered from the movie, I don't know how true they are or not:

Guantanamo - he in fact endorses torture and abduction/detention without trial

Patriot Act - he voted FOR authorisation after going against it on his campagin trail

Iraq/Afghanistan - he is adding more troops and going from "taking troops out immediately" to taking SOME out after 23 months.

Bailing out banks - he says he understands people frustration with CEO's and 'rewarding failure' and he passes misleading legislation. The legislation he's passed only affects NEW deals and excludes BankOfAmerica, Citigroup, etc...

Hiring lobbyists and financial donors to places in his administration - look at who has has appointed. All have wall street connections

-The ending takes away a lot of credibility from the movie. They say global warming is a lie, they say Obama is building up a private army and will abolish gun rights in the US (like that's ever going to happen). Still, I think the film makes you think and question the Saviour! Obama has got a (unjustified, in my opinion) cult following.
He seems to have defaulted on all most of not all of his promises.  Like every other politician in existence then? What do you make of it? I think this movie is partly true, in the the Federal Reserve and the other wall street oligarchs have America (and in turn, the world) by the balls but is Obama really as evil as they depict him? He's too nice to be evil. I'm hypnotised, sorry. I urge you to watch the movie with an open mind and tell me what you think. Everyone is a conspiracy theorist these days!

On a related note, you all HAVE to watch Zeitgeist Addendum. With an open mind, of course.

Things in America look grim, whichever way you look at it. I just hope India doesn't sell its soul to the devil, *cough private banks cough* like America did in the 30s. "The Federal Reserve is as federal as FedEx" as they say so many times in the movie. I'd hate for India to get suckered into such an idea - to let a private institution control the money supply. Especially one that is above the law and controlled by wall street moguls. Have I been swept along with the conspiracy propaganda? Let me know. I think the evidence is pretty damning (as I say, watch Zeitgeist Addendum).

So where does this leave me, the young idealist out of touch with reality and the big bad world? I'll tell you where. As far as saving America from itself, I have a selfish goal. The only thing I really care about, the only goal I want to achieve in my life time is to make a difference to the lives of as many underprivileged people as I can in India. That's all I care about. India. I want to do is see my country produce a good football team. I want to see us control population (like, but not using the exact same methods as China). I want to see us industrialise from the ground up, rather than from the top, up. As I said, I'm an idealist out of touch with reality. Still, improving living standards for people, stopping female infanticide and all those other impossible things are the thing I want to spend my life doing. 

Isn't there a government to do all this stuff? Not in India there isn't. The private sector - evil and profit orientated as they may be, the youth and the idealists are the ones who'll make the change. I only hope I can be part of this. Look how this has gone from a movie review to a soppy, patriotic ballad. Typical.

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Sagar said...

Guantanamo - He closed down the place and he/his new CIA director guy actually condemn the use of torture. The problem comes from the fact that Guantanamo still isn't officially closed as of now due to the problem of where to keep the current inmates. As for torture, I think most of the controversy comes from the frustration of liberal groups in his unwillingness to prosecute the lawyers who allowed torture in the first place.

Patriot Act - He voted for the revision on the Patriot Act, which places restrictions on the ability of federal agencies/law enforcement to carry out whatever they do.

Iraq/Afghanistan - He's adding more troops to Afghanistan, fair enough (in my opinion). As for pulling out of Iraq, it'd be absolutely disastrous to pull out right now, I don't agree with the war one bit, but we should at least finish the conflict. As far as I know, there is an agreement to pull out by 2011, right?

Bailing out banks - Dunno enough about it, but I'd have preferred the banks to be temporarily nationalized. The way I see it though, the financial sector is way too important to be brought down, and although I hate the idea, they did need the bailout.

Hiring lobbyists and financial donors to places in his administration - A lot of his ad visors may have Wall Street connections, but where else are you going to get people who understand the markets and the economy?

In any case, if you've ever watched FOX news before (conservative news channel in the states) you'll see a lot of bullshit about Obama being thrown out there. Sure, he may not be perfect and of course he's a politician, but he's better than that dumbfuck Bush.