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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Grass is just as Green on This Side.

Life is good.

People don't stop, take a deep breath and appreciate how good life can get. They only sink into their sofa and day dream of life getting better when things aren't going their way....we don't sink into the sofa and just smile. Because life is good. It's very very good. Not perfect, but I don't think life is meant to be perfect.

This summer was the greatest summer ever. It has rolled seamlessly on to being a wonderful year of university. Much, much better than last year. It will then merge into a delicious Xmas holiday in Bangalore and Goa, and then snowball into more happiness.

Life is good, so sip some chai, watch the rain and smile.


Vijay Bhat said...

You seem to have stumbled upon one of the master-keys to 'The Good Life": Gratitude. Just stay grateful for all that is good in your life and it keeps coming. :-)
- Mum

Serendipity said...

U ought to consider writing a book. Your unbelievable. really kiddo :)

p.s. my brother turned 17 a few weeks ago and frowns at me everytime i call him kiddo :( shucks

Aditi Gupta said...

bang on target my friend!

kyra said...

Yeah sure. Whatever you say.

Farcenal said...

Kyra, why the sarcasm?


kyra said...

Sorry, I'm just too used to being the Eternal Pessimist. :)