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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Case-Mate iPhone Cover

For iPhones, perhaps more than for any other smartphones / gadgets these days, a case is a must. Users will tell you how flimsy and prone to damage they are and if you don't have a case or cover for your iPhone, get one now! 

I recently got the Case-Mate 'Barely There' iPhone case in Brushed Aluminium/Black and I would highly recommend it. If you're going to shell out hundreds of pounds on an iPhone, you may as well spend an extra 20 quid on a light, classy cover. Apple usually make their margins on selling useless accessories as add-ons and charging you through the nose for essential ones so this case is really good value at Rs. 1166.99. 

I really like the brushed look at the back and the classy silver outline etched around the side. The logo isn't too prominent and adds to the overall look. 

I did find it a little hard to press the volume control buttons, especially when the phone is in my pocket and I want to adjust the volume without getting my phone out.

My iPhone is white and the black case makes it look like something a storm trooper would use: what more do you want?

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