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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Something I wrote when I was 10

(I found a school project I wrote when I was 10, about how we used to trade food in our school canteen. I've typed it up word for word. Not much has changed I think :P)

Hopes and Ambitions

(I imagined that twenty years had passed and I had a job)

Now that I have a job I look back and think, where did I learn to become such a successful businessman. Ah! I got it. I learnt everything I ever needed to know about trading and the stock market at Willington. It all started when I was in year five… It hit me that we could exchange items in our lunch boxes so that we wouldn’t have to have the same food everyday. Ever since the idea hit me, it got stuck in my head and I have been trying to trade everyday. The things that fetched the lowest prices were drinks and sandwiches (fruit was loathed by nearly everyone so that was out of the question) that everyone was satisfied with. The next things up were dairy products that were reasonably liked. Coming towards the top, crisps were very popular. Right at the top, you got chocolates and sweets, those were what everyone wanted.

I think that our great, thriving economy was the only one not affected by September 11th. Though some mums got depressed and started giving their sons ‘baby-bells’ – those poor kids. But still something extraordinary had happened since then, some mums had taken the ORGANIC route. The very sound of the word sends shivers down my back. What once was a babbling brook turned into a barren desert. Those products silenced the very origin of our economy. I used to know all the people to go to get what you wanted on the Drake table at lunch (our house table). If you wanted the odd bar of chocolate then Luke is the person to go to, if mince pies were your liking, then it would have to be James, it went on like that. Though it dramatically changed. There was also another tradition called ‘scrambles’. This happened when one of us was not hungry and we felt like giving our food away in a fun way. What we did was clear space in our table where the scramble could be performed. Then all of us were asked to put both hands behind our back and wait. A scramble was when we dropped our food purposely on our table and said “go”. When this happened, everyone rushed to get the food that was on the table, thus the name, ‘scrambles’.

When I was young, I wanted to be so many things including a teacher, a cricket player and more. But now I know, I used my strengths well and became what I am now, successful.

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